Our News October 8, 2015

  • This weekend, October 9, 10, 11 the Bhakti Center will bring 19 yoga students to retreat in Gita Nagari.  They will arrive Friday evening and stay until Sunday afternoon.  Jai Giridhari Prabhu will lead them in 3 yoga sessions per day with service breaks in the morning.  We will fill them with Prasad and good vibes.  The Bhakti center is a very strong supporter of Gita Nagari and we look forward to hosting them.
  • The blessed Kartik season starts Tuesday, October 27th.  Please join us in celebrating our beloved Sri Sri Radha Damodar with kirtan and lamps.  Whatever austerity or offering you make to Their Lordships during this most holy season is multiplied many times.  
  • HG Srutadeva Prabhu will be visiting us with his wife and daughter on the weekend ofOctober 16.   We will celebrate his birthday that day and hear stories of his time on the travelling bus party with HH Visnujan Swami and HH Tamal Krishna Swami.  Our Sri Sri Radha Damodar toured with them as they shared Srila Prabhupada's books with so many souls.  He is travelling by RV from San Diego after many years apart form Sri Sri Radha Damodar.
  • We will celebrate the Vyasa Puja for HH Devamrita Swami around that time.  As you may know, Maharaja is our GBC, and is constantly advocating for the development and improvement of Gita Nagari.  We will send a separate announcement with details of this wonderful event.
  • Mother Vrajalila and HG Ekavira Prabhu will be travelling to India to join HH Radhanatha Swami on His annual Parikrama of Vrindavan.  We pray for their safe travel and amazing journey to Krishna's home.  We will miss you!!!
  • The Grihasta Vision Team completed their 3d annual retreat this last weekend at Gita Nagari.  19 wonderful devotees gathered to strengthen their marriages and as a result make stronger families and a better ISKCON.  We had a great time cooking and hosting them in this most important task.
  • We want to thank all the devotees who make a weekly effort to share fresh produce with those in need through the farm fresh initiative started by the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.  You are helping to bring Srila Prabhupada's vision of "no one should be hungry within 10 miles of an ISKCON Temple".
  • Madhukari Dasa is visiting his Guru in California.  He will return next week.  Safe travels Prabhu.
  • Krishna Kumara Prabhu is on the road distributing books and making devotees.  What a team we have at Gita Nagari!
Have a wonderful Krishna Conscious Week!!!

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