Our News Oct 30, 2014

Happy Kartika! 

Upcoming Events
November 7th Retreat - Mangala Aarti Prabhu will bring 30 new bhaktas to the farm for a weekend getaway from the Philadelphia and State College areas.  We anticipate a wonderful weekend sharing the beauty of Gita Nagari with them.
Govardana Puja - We will celebrate Govardana Puja at the Temple Saturday, November 14th.  Many of you make a tradition of joining us for this amazing festival of joy.  We will begin at 4pmwith a class discussing the import of this event in Krishna Lila followed by arati, bhoga offering, and concluding with our circumambulating the hill just as the residents of Vrindavan did with Giridhari.  Govardana Hill provides all the ingredients Krishna and His friends need to care for their cows and calves.  It also is the place of so many of the confidential pastimes between Radha and Krishna.
Kala Kanti Prabhu will organize the creation of our very own hill this year as she always does.  Please bring your sweet offerings to the Temple by 2 pm Saturday the 14th so she can do her magic.
Yasoda Mayi Prabhu will organize the feast that day.  If you can help with cooking, cut up, or clean up, please contact her.  We need all the help you can give.
Prabhupada's Disappearance Sunday, November 15th, we will gather to honor our Dearest Srila Prabhupada as we remember His unlimited blessings on the world.  Single handedly He broughtKrishna Consciousness out of Vrindavan and shared it with every town and village.  Join our direct Prabhupada disciples in celebrating His life.  The program will take place during the Sunday feast lecture including class, Puspanjali, bhoga offering, and Arati followed by Kirtan and feast.  We will continue through to 7:20 pm when we will sing His favorite Bhajan together. 
Kartika Begins - Last Tuesday, we began to celebrate the month of Kartika began with joyous singing of the Damodarastakam to our Beloved Sri Sri Radha Damodar.  What can be more fulfilling than offering love and affection to our own Deities?  Please join us at 8:10 am and 6:30 pm in offering a lamp and singing to Their Lordships.
In Other News - 
Bahula gives birth to twins!!! - The wait is over!  Druva Prabhu assisted our dear Bahula is bringing two beautiful calves into our family at Gita Nagari.  The girl and boy are now nursing with their mother in a safe and warm part of the barn.  After a couple of very tense hours of effort, our new residents and their mother are resting and growing at an awesome rate.  It is such an honor to protect and serveDamodara's cows.  We are thrilled with their arrival.  
Thanks to all who have adopted a cow or two.  Through your generosity, we have been able to add a barn this year.  We will soon add 4 freezeless troughs to provide fresh water throughout the winter.  We are truly grateful for your support and kindness.
Have a wonderful Krishna Conscious Week!
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