Our News December 17, 2015

We are loving the weather at the farm – all the residents are joyful – without worrying too much about the future impact of such warm weather– we will think about that in January J.
 Team Update:
So we are on a skeleton crew here – The Yatras are on a well deserved break in India – we miss them very much especially at the morning huddle; and our fired up book distributor, Krishna Kumar das, is on his marathon in Miami – we miss him too and send blessings to distribute thousands of books J!
 So our Gita Nagari Community family members have come forward to support us in “holding the fort” – a very heartfelt “Thank You” to Haricakra Prabhu and Mother Yasoda, Nrsimha Tirtha Prabhu and Mother Mayapuralila, Mother Jambavati, and many others.  The invitation still remains open for more family and friends to join in the fun – even friends from out of town can stop by and join the service party.
Kitchen Upgrade:
Gita Nagari as you know is in a developing phase and our goal is to improve constantly, especially in areas that make the most impact.  For a while now, we have been desiring to upgrade the kitchen so the cooks especially have better process flow and ergonomics and in general are more comfortable and content, which means the food preparations will be more delightful for Sri Sri Radha Damodar'spleasure and therefore the devotees' and guests' :)!  There are further benefits regarding resource efficiencies and space utilization.
 We have embarked on this Project under the capable leadership of Nandisvara das.  If you would like to offer any support in any form, please contact him on 717 348 6565 or myself on 516 946 9780 -  the main need of course is finances :).  We have raised $5000 so far and still need to raise another $8000 to complete the Project.  One may ask why begin a Project with part funding and for the team here, the answer is that for such a core area of our operation/service, we will make a huge endeavor and sacrifice (fund raise, sacrifice on some needs through cost-savings, use our own energy and talents instead of contracting the work out, etc) and at the same time depend on the generosity of our well-wishers.
Phase 1 has commenced and this email serves to :
1. request financial support and 
2. for those of you coming to the farm, to be aware that the dining hall is now partially a temporary kitchen as we remodel the actual kitchen.
 Please do note the signage and changes especially regarding wash-up and items and areas out of bounds.
 For those who would like to contribute to this amazing and critical Project, you can donate here and designate "Kitchen".
Thank you everyone for your support and understanding, and our primary request, always, is for your blessings.
Guests and Retreats:
December is proving to be filled with activity – we will be hosting some special guests this weekend and for Christmas, we have our annual community gathering at Chez Jagannath with Mother Yasodamayi and her family.  We are also delighted to host a Retreat of Russian friends over Christmas. Mother Jambavati is also integrally involved in the distribution and outreach of this very significant program –FRESH EXPRESS - for our local and surrounding county residents in need – thank you Mother Jambavati!
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