Our News April 30, 2016

As we reflect on the meaning of Srila Prabhupada's mission, let us meditate on some of the amazing excerpts from his prayers to Krsna on the Jaladuta travelling to America.
"How will I make them understand this message of 
Kṛṣṇa consciousness? I am very unfortunate, unqualified and the most fallen. Therefore I am seeking Your benediction so that I can convince them, for I am powerless to do so on my own".
"O spiritual master of all the worlds! I can simply repeat Your message, so if You like You can make my power of speaking suitable for their understanding.
"O Lord, " I am just like a puppet in Your hands. So if You have brought me here to dance, then make me dance, make me dance, O Lord, make me dance as You like".
"I have no devotion, nor do I have any knowledge, but I have strong faith in the holy name of Kṛṣṇa."
" I have been designated as Bhaktivedānta, and now, if You like, You can fulfill the real purport of Bhaktivedānta."

He came to offer us a hand up to the Spiritual World.  Let us be brave and grasp that hand with all our might!
Bindu Madhava and Campakalata Prabhus arrive without fail to whisk us off the farm and into the aisles of Cosco.  They tell us to take three of what Sri Sri Radha Damodar need to facilitate our service to them.  Cart after cart is filled to the brim with opportunities to create gifts to their lordships.  We are shy to take advantage of their kindness, but they encourage us to bring more supplies to Gita Nagari.  All we can do is pray for the humility to accept their generosity and learn what using everything in Krishna'sservice really means.  Prabhus, please accept our humble thanks and know that you are in our prayers.  You exemplify the spirit of giving that Srila Prabhupada brought with him to America.
Govardhan Lal Returns Home
Our dear friend Goverdan Lal left his body a few days ago.  He was the leader of all the herds at Gita Nagari for many years, and he ruled with gentleness and an even hand.  He protected the retired mommies from bullying, kept the younger oxen in line with a glance, and had a special affection for the "babies" and their enthusiasm for farm life.  Lal seemed so pleased with the newest babies who joined the herd this spring.  He would glance lovingly at their endless playful games and naughty behavior.  When he could no longer raise his magnificent body to eat or drink, Mother Parijata, Dhruva, and Nandi Prabhus would lift him to a more comfortable position at the end.  Gita Nagari's cowherds came to his shed and serenaded him with Krishna's Holy Names the night before he left.  At the end, his head bobbed with the kirtan, and his eyes opened wide when Srila Prabhupada's name was sung.  He received one last visit from Hari and his pals from the three year old herd.  When Nandi went to check on him the next morning, he was gone.  Lal will remain in our hearts and minds as we share his glories in our cow blog.
We have received an anonymous gift of a Berkey water filter for the ashram devotees. A condition of the gift is that we must match the gift with another filter for the Temple kitchen to use for the Deities.  We are requesting one of our well wishers to donate $500 to fulfill this requirement.  You may send your donation to theGita Nagari accounting department at 534 Gita Nagari Road, Port Royal, Pa. 17082.
Check out our cows upgraded walkway!  We graded the area, put down some shale and then some fill and finally cracker dust.  It is very soft and comfortable for them to walk on now.  We pay close attention to their feet and try our best to make the best arrangements for their lotus feet :)!
Here are “Wallaby”and her baby boy - they are super sweet and affectionate.  Wallaby is a kind, gentle and patient Mom, often nursing many other babies too; and Junior is bright and intelligent, seeking out milk and play mates constantly :)!  They both are available to be named and adopted - please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  Better still, come visit them in person and let them know how much you love and care for them!  We would be delighted to host you!
Thank you Penn State Uni students, part of Lead in Action for spending Sunday with us!  We had a great time kicking off with an effective ice-breaker facilitated by Snana Yatra das, an intro by Nandi and then a tour of the farm.  By that time, the students were ready for some Action !  Folks from the Gita Nagari Community joined the students and had a great time serving together.  We had a group in the kitchen moving and cleaning items, a group cleaning and prepping the Temple Annex flower beds, a group in the basement working on the Youth Leadership Center and a group in the fields prepping for this growing season.  The students were all hard working, smart, positive and upbeat.  It is very inspiring to meet young adults like them, who are endeavoring to make ethical choices for themselves and contribute by offering their valuable time and energy to projects that share the same values and goals.  They left us with very positive feedback and by the end of our time together, we were friends and one team/community!  Thank You Penn State Lead in Action Volunteers!  Come back soon!

Krishna House visits Gita Nagari
April 30 through May 2d  - Twenty five to thirty devotees will join us for a weekend service retreat.  They are residents of the Krishna House in Gainseville, Florida, and we are pleased to welcome them to the farm.  Please stop by to say hi.  You will be enlivened in their association.
Friday, May 20th - Fast 'til dusk - We will observe the glorious appearance of The Lord with an evening program and feast.  Details will be posted in the coming weeks.
Kitchen remodel - As many of you have noticed, the devotees continue the upgrade of our kitchen facilities.  Our GBC, His Holiness Devamrita Swami has encouraged us to make our kitchen bright and user friendly for the upcoming retreat season. We are most greatful  for the donations that have allowed to carry on this project.  If you wish to help us, please send your donations to our accounting department.
Temple restaining and painting - Please come to see the transformation of our Temple exterior.  Bright new colors and preservative stains will be ready for the retreat season.  We are also making plans to provide restroom facilities outside the Temple to make our guests more comfortable.  Please help us fulfill Srila Prabhupada's vision for Gita Nagari.

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