Our News May 12, 2016


Prabhupada quotes - 
--Forgiveness is Pleasing to Krsna
The duty of a brahmana is to culture the quality of forgiveness, which is illuminating like the sun. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, is pleased with those who are forgiving. (SB 9.15.40)
--Forgiveness is Dharma
Forgiveness is virtue, forgiveness is sacrifice and forgiveness is the Vedas. Forgiveness is purity and penance; it is truth, piety, religion, and the holy Näräyana. Through forgiveness the universe is sustained, and by practicing forgiveness a man can attain to everlasting regions of bliss. (Yudhisthira Maharaja in Mahabharata quoting Kasyapa Rsi)
--Brahmanas are beautiful when they are forgiving, ksatriyas when they are heroic and never retreat from fighting, vaisyas when they enrich cultural activities and protect cows, and südras when they are faithful in the discharge of duties pleasing to their masters. Thus everyone becomes beautiful by his special qualities. And the special quality of the brahmanas, as described here, is forgiveness. (SB 9.15.40)
--A sadhu, a devotee, is never angry. Actually the real feature of devotees who undergo tapasya, austerity, is forgiveness
--"There is no possibility of any type of unity or congenial relationship unless there is forgiveness."  Radhanath Swami
--"If you sincerely want to love God you must learn to forgive."  Radhanath Swami
We are instituting a week of forgiveness starting today.  Please contemplate anyone you are holding a resentment toward, and find a way to move to forgiveness.  We have very little time in our days to spend on past hurts and disappointments.  Let us resolve to release ourselves from the mistakes we and others have made.  Let us move forward to a life of freedom that comes with forgiving ourselves and everyone else!
Sati Prabhu leaves Gita Nagari this Saturday, May 16, for upstate New York.  She will stay with friends until she can arrange passage to Africa where she met and married her husband several years ago.  She has been dreaming of starting a family and rejoining the devotees where she came to Krishna Consciousness.  Her Guru resides in Nigeria, and she eagerly looks forward to His association and serving Him with her husband.
We appreciate Sati Prabhu and all the dedicated service she has given to Gita Nagari.  She has made the lovely garlands for the Deities, led the morning program, given class, cleaned the pujari room, set up guest rooms, cleaned the cooks' pots and pans, cleaned the serve out containers, washed the aprons, cleaning cloths, served the cows (especially the heifer babies), helped with milking the mommies, and helped us learn how to communicate in caring and empathic ways.  Thank you Sati Pr for your association and commitment to your spiritual life. 
We send our prayers and best wishes with you as you start your new life adventure in Africa.

Our cowherd men and women have been tirelessly preparing hundreds of pounds of cheese, butter, and milk to supply the cooks at the upcoming Sadhu Sanga retreat.  The generous cows of Gita Nagari have been giving hundreds of gallons of their special milk to share with the devotees gathering to glorify Krishna's Holy Names.  For many, this is the only opportunity to partake in devotee nurtured ahimsa milk products.  Thank you to Dhruva and Parijata Prabhus for their herculean efforts to supply the devotees with Gita Nagari milk products.  
We take for granted that a vegetarian diet will protect us from disease and karma.  Sadly, one of the major producers of frozen vegetables has been forced to recall millions of pounds of produce.  This recall even includes organic frozen vegetables.  Please be aware of the recall and make sure to throw away tainted items.  Once again, we are reminded to buy locally from farmers we know.  Gita Nagari is a certified organic farm, and we continue to push our vegetable garden project to provide for more people.

Farm Scenes
  Friday, May 20th
The appearance of Lord Nrsimhadev
Fast 'til dusk
We will begin the program with Gaura Arati at 6 pm followed by a class, kirtan, and a feast.  We need volunteer cooks to prepare the feast Please email us with your availability at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
May 27th to May 30th
Maharaja is a wonderful supporter of Gita Nagari!  He leads a powerful retreat attended by two hundred plus devotees who are enlivened by Krishna Katha and Sadhu Sanga.  We always look forward to their visit!!!
Every Friday evening after Mother Jhulan yatra's yoga class, we gather to end our busy week with group kirtan.  We start at 7:45 pm and continue to 9 pm.  Everyone is invited to lead as we all grow in our practice of chanting the Holy Names.  Please join us!!!
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