Our News Sept 26, 2016

Down on the Farm

-- Krishnanandini and her staff of caring devotees held their annual couples retreat at Gita Nagari last weekend. 14 couples travelled many miles to strengthen their relationships in the association of like minded Vaisnavas. Their motto is Strong families support a strong ISKCON. We thank them for the wonderful mood and actions they bring to improving ISKCON with an eye to the future. 
-- Starting this Thursday, the second annual ISKCON Medical Professionals retreat will gather at Gita Nagari. Doctors and others in the medical field are coming from all over the country to recharge their spiritual batteries and take in the healing atmosphere among the cows and devotees. Prema Vilas Prabhu is spearheading this group of amazing devotees in their quest to improve their sadhana and personal journey in Krishna Consciousness. Our small group of residents will greatly appreciate any one who can help us serve these retreatants. We need help with serve out of meals and clean up of the kitchen and cut up assistance for meal preparation.  Please call Snana yatra das at 717-527-0256 to schedule some service. 
-- Yesterday, Wednesday, September 21, 2016 was a glorious day. Dhruva Maharaja das and his sublime assistants brought the new well at the top of Goverdan Hill on line. The well is 400 feet deep and solar powered. It will supply the retired herd with fresh water both on Orchard Hill and Goverdan Hill.  An ingenious use of our forest trees brings the pipeline over the road to both locations. The Prabhus have been working with the USDA to bring this necessary addition to Gita Nagari's world famous cows and oxen. Krishna is kind to His devotees!

View from Govardhan Hill and Our New Solar Well
Upcoming Events

Friday, September 30 to Sunday, October 2 - GN Family retreat w/ Gauranga and Govinda Prabhus 
* Sunday, October 9- Vyasa Puja for HH Devamrita Swami
Friday, October 14 to Sunday, October 16 - Mauna Vrata Retreat 
Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16 - U of Maryland Bhakti Club

Sunday, October 30 - Goverdan Puja 
Friday, November 4 to Sunday, November 6 - Yoga Retreat- GN cooks 

Please go to the following link to find more information on the upcoming events.

Parting Thoughts-- Radheya Prabhu shared this interesting idea when he was asked what he lacks in his spiritual life. He would like more consistency in his daily sadhana. One day reading two hours of Shastra, next day none. I was inspired by his sincerity and openness in his response.  Let's all make a greater effort this week to be consistent in our efforts to please The Spiritual Master and the devotees!

Have a wonderful Krishna Conscious Week!!!

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