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The Cow's Love Attracts All!



Penn State Students visit Gita Nagari 

Saturday, December 3rd, 37 students from the group "Lead in Action" arrived at the farm to spend the day with us. We were thrilled with their attitudes of curiosity and practical service. Ryan and several other facilitators set a very productive and enjoyable agenda for us to share. Yasodeva Prabhu introduced the Gita Nagari project and team to the students. Parijata and Dhruva Prabhus led a tour of our bio-gas, forest conservation, pasturing planning, solar well, creamery, milking barn, the milking, resting, retired, newborn cow herds with information of our state certified slaughter free dairy project.  

The students went to work immediately by spreading straw for the milking mommies to facilitate the comfort and health of the cows. They brushed and interacted with the cows to get a taste of what fuels our service. Many students had never seen a cow up close and personal. We then split into several groups to give the visitors a taste of our daily life. Some students helped Yasodeva fill a truck with tires for recycling. Others joined Parijata as she repaired the damage done to high tunnel in our recent wind storms. Dhruva led a group in installing wiring for our emergency communications system. Nandisvara worked with construction minded students to finish a feeding shed for the milking herd. Kesi led a group in preparing the organic garden for the coming spring planting. Snana shared his passion for processing wood to be used  for heating the Temple and Ashram. Hari Cakra Prabhu answered a student question with a detailed and inspiring explanation for the reason we wear a Sikha on our heads 

We broke for an amazing lunch prepared by Jhulana yatra, Mother Yasoda, Hari Cakra, Kumari Gopi, andMadhava Govinda Prabhus.  Lasagna, fresh bread rolls, salad, nectar, and home baked cupcakes satisfied everyone. Thanks to our amazing cooks! At the end of the day, over 80% of the students said that the cows and food were their favorite parts of the day. Snana's group was late to the wrap up because they did not want to stop splitting wood. One team member commented that service is "soooo cool." 

Radhanath Swami Vyasa Puja

Sunday, November 27, the Temple hosted our annual Vyasa Puja for His Holiness Radhanath Swami. Jhulana Yatra dasi joined with Ananad Vilas, Radha Vilasini, Sundarnath, Priya Sakhi, Sachi Priya, Priya Manjari, and Madhava Govinda to plan and execute a wonderful glorification of our dear well wisher His Holiness Radhanath Swami. Mother Vraja Lila led the event with her usual knack for bringing out the best of our wonderful remembrances of Maharaja. His Grace Ekavira Prabhu helped the Cakra Dynasty and many other cooks to create a feast to remember. The Gita Nagari community and well wishers are the best devotees we have ever known! 

Gita Nagari's Fun Facts

Did you know -

1.  An average dairy cow weighs about 1,200 pounds!  
2. The average cow drinks 30 to 50 gallons of water each day.
3. Cows spend 8 hours per day eating, 8 hours "chewing her cud" (regurgitated, partially digested food), and 8 hours sleeping. 


The Mozzarella Man & Nandini's First Day At "School"


Hay Bales Needed for Cows & Oxen

Gita Nagari would be nothing without our delightful cows. All those who love and serve them are undoubtedly pleasing Sri Sri Radha Damodara and becoming dear to Their lotus hearts.

Feeding the cows and providing for their care is as valuable as direct service to them.

Some of our dear well wishers have generously donated bales of hay for our cows for the winter feeding and we are extremely grateful, however we are still far from our goal!

Each bale costs us $60 and we will need 450 bales before the spring pastures can support the members our dear herds. You can make a very important contribution to our cow protection program by helping us feed the cows. Thank you for your kindness. 


Gita Nagari stands for cow protection. Will you stand with us? 
Upcoming Events

Mother Kishori Rani Brings NYC to Gita Nagari for Christmas!

We are very eager to welcome our friends from New York and the northeast for their annual Christmas workshop and celebration. Last year we hosted 50 delightful guests as they enlivened their paths of life. What better way to spend the holidays? 

Music of the Heart Festival

The devotees will gather for the annual celebration of another glorious year on New Year's Eve. Please make plans to join us at the Temple as we share our most important asset - devotee association! This is guaranteed to make you laugh, sing, smile, and cry from joy.   

 Have a Wonderful Krishna Conscious Week!!!

Leadership, Service, Action - Thank You PSU Students!
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