Our News Nov 06, 2014

Ox Training with Darwin

Ox Training: We spent an enlightening day with our friend Darwin who is supporting us in our Ox Training - here he is doing a “theory session” with us before we go into the barn to do the practical training with our 4 boys: Hari, Bhima, Vrsam and Bhanu.

Deity Worship: In the evening, more knowledge and experience sharing continued, this time with Mother Kartamisa - she led a very inspiring and enlivening conversation on Deity Worship: The Principles and the Practice.

Prasadam Hall Upgrade: We are grateful to our dear friend RamKrishna Prabhu for the kind donation of tables and chairs for our Dining Hall and to Gopal and his team for facilitating us.  The room looks different, we think, in a great way.

Kirtan: And then the highlight of our Kartik Month with Sri Sri Radha Damodar, an ecstatic 24 Hour Kirtan arranged by Ekavira Prabhu and Krsna Kumar Prabhu and featuring many of our amazing local kirtaneers and a surprise visit from Ananta and Acyuta Gopi!  

Birthdays: We were delighted to appreciate Mother Jagannath, Mother Jambavati and Snana Yatra Prabhu as they all 3 share a birthday on November 4th - the 2 Vaisnavis are real stalwarts in our community; and we are grateful for Snana Yatra Prabhu and his good wife Mother Jhulan Yatra, who are the newest members of our Gita Nagari Family.  They relocated here and we will share more about them in the next newsletter.

Visitors: Another highlight was the visit of Sridhar and his family from Atlanta - they are committed to our protected cow dairy and came to spend the day with us - was wonderful to host them and look forward to their return.

Firewood: We had 2 very productive days of gathering firewood for the winter - everyone serves as a team and we have made good progress.

Winter Barns: Our barn construction continues.  So do our regular daily schedules.  So am grateful to the Team here for their commitment and positive service attitude and ethic.  More next week.

Many thanks to Edward Suda; Ghansham Dutt; Yulia Ivanova; Michelle & Arthur Asin; M. Kaulini; and Prasannatma dasa for their generous donations toward the construction!

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Winter Cow Barns

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