Our News July 9, 2015

 Cow Protection Update 
Many of you have been asking about Clover, our wonderful retired ox.  He is gradually getting stronger and recovering from his mystery illness.  Thank you for your prayers and concern.  
Goverdan Lal wanted me to send his regards from all the herds.  Currently the retired herd is pasturing by the creek while Nandishwar Prabhu and Mike have been preparing Goverdan Hill for the mommies.  As always, the "babies" are adventuresome and playful.  
Nandishwar Prabhu tells us that Hari 
A Warm Welcome!
We are very fortunate to receive Madhukari Prabhu into our Gita Nagari family.  He is a wonderful devotee who has joined us from Florida.  He spent the last seven years on a travelling Sankirtan party.  He is a disciple of His Grace Vaisheshika Prabhu, and is helping us to host our many guests as they retreat to Gita Nagari.  Please stop by or call him to welcome him to The Holy Dham.

Cows, cont.: is almost ready to pull a cart that will lead to tours hosted by Madhukari Prabhu and the oxen. 


GBC update:​ Our GBC, His Holiness Devamrita Swami has been giving nightly discussions of Krishna Katha.  Wednesday, July 8 and Thursday July 9 He will be joining the devotees at The Institute to continue sharing His insights into the Shastras.  Last Saturday he referred to The Srimad Bhagavatam Fourth Canto, chapter 22, verse 14.  He focused us to the purport wherein Srila Prabhupada summarizes our entanglement in the material condition.  Please read this purport and relish our Acyara's incredible ability to teach us the importance of Krishna Conciousness in solving the puzzle of our material dilemmas.
Sunflowers: How many sunflowers grow in five acres of fertile, organic, cow dung fertilized soil? 
An amazing phenomena is occurring this week as thousands of sunflowers are blooming.  We are contracting with an organic oil press to turn millions of seeds into organic sunflower oil.  Place your orders now because this golden cooking oil will disappear quickly.
Have a wonderful Krishna Conscious week!!! 
Upcoming events

This Sunday July 12 we will celebrate the Snana Yatra Festival in the Temple.  Lord Jagganatha, Lord Balaram, and Lady Subadra will be present to receive service from the devotees in the form of a bathing ceremony, followed by parikrama, after which the Lords will retire to recover from illness.  Please join us in serving their lordships.
Saturday, July 25th, Their Lordships will emerge from convalescence to mount Their Ratha Cart to allow us to pull them in a reenactment of the pastime enjoyed by Krishna and the inhabitants of Vrindavan as they tried to bring Krishna back to Vraja.  We know this as Ratha Yatra.
Everyone is invited to help us prepare His cart for His magical journey.  Please call us for details at 527-0256 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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