Our News July 17, 2015

Upcoming Events
Ratha Yatra festival will be celebrated Saturday, July 25th, at the Farm.  Along with 400 devotees and friends, we have invited the surrounding community to join us in an open house.  Please come and help us host our neighbors as they visit our home. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Lord Jagganatha and His brother and sister are convalescing after their public bathing Sunday, July 12th at the Temple.  We had a wonderful day serving Their Lordships and the devotees.  Bhubrt Prabhu and Mukta Vandya Prabhu took us back 40 years to their first Snana Yatra and Ratha Yatra in New York and Boston.  They continue to inspire us with their dedication and sincerity in living a Krishna Conscious life following in the footsteps of our Founder/Acarya His Divine Grace Srila PrabhupadaEkavira Prabhu amazed us with remembrances of his spiritual master HH Bhakti Tirta Maharaj as they traveled the world to inspire devotees to carry the traditions of Iskcon forward year by year.  Hari Chakra Prabhu transported us to West Africa to hear of the dedicated devotees and their outreach efforts through our festivals.  So many other devotees shared their memories of previous gatherings that we remained transfixed in appreciation for the path Srila Prabhupada has given us!  Many thanks toJagganatha Pandit, Mother Jagganatha, Mother Parijata, Madhkari Prabhu, Sukhi Bhakta Prabhu, Mother Jhulan yatra Prahu, and so many others who made the Snana Yatra festival a huge success.
Sati Mata makes all the garlands for the temple.  She scours the farm to find wild flowers to supplement the donated flowers from Hari Chakra Pr's family.  She also helps the cooks, cleans the guest rooms, bathrooms, ashram, Prasad hall, pots and pans, and many other tasks.  She sets up the trays for the morning program, cleans the pujari room, gives class, and offers arati during  Guru Puja.  Please join her in singing to Lord Jagganatha the next two weeks at 7pm nightly.  Thank you Sati Prabhufor all you do.
Cow Protection Update
Mother Ekayani brought her friend Suzannefrom New York to introduce her to our cow protection program.  Mother Ekayani hosts a cow protection blog and is a strong advocate to the larger community on issues of sustainability and ideal stewardship our Mother Bhumi's resources.  She currently is spearheading the movement in New York to make people aware of the dangers of fracking.
In other News

July 19th - Mangala Arti Prabhu will bring 12 core team members to Gita Nagari to plan out a partnership to bring more new devothees to the farm.  She has developed an awesome Bhakti program in Toronto, Canada and Philadelphia, Pa under the direction of His Holiness Devamria Swami.  Bhakta Paul from Toronto's program will be arriving this week to volunteer at the farm for several weeks.

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