Our News August 13, 2015

Jai Giridari and Mike Prabhus visited Gita Nagari from the Bhakti Center in New York city.  They helped us milk the cows on Saturday night, gave us their amazing association, and took the milk order back to New York on Sunday.  They took almost three days out of their lives to ensure Srila Prabhupada's vision of farm and city interdependence is realized.  We look forward to their next visit!
Bhakta John and his friend Ereck came to the farm last weekend from Philadelphia to video the core team in action.  They filmed us training oxen, harvesting okra, Indian squash, and kale from the field, Japa walks, making yogurt, cooking, greeting the deities, honoring the Guru, maha kirtans, Srimad Bhagavatam class, milking the cows, calling the cows to the barn, and having the time of our lives serving Sri Sri Radha Damodar and Their devotees.  We will announce when the video will be available for viewing.
Druva Prabhu's relatives from New York brought his cousin from South Africa to Gita Nagari for a weekend get away from the city.  They all jumped right in to give service in the holy dham.  We see where our Temple leaders get their work ethic.
The new cow barn is taking shape.  Nandishwar Prabhu, Keshi Mardan, Madhukari, Bhakta Ian, Bhakta Umesh, and Bhakta Paul have the basic framework in concrete and will put the walls and flooring in next week.  What an amazing team Krishna has brought together to clean up and improve Gita Nagari.  Thanks to our generous donors for providing the means to facilitate the many improvements in progress.
Mother Parijata and the Oxen, Cow Barn construction by Umesh Prabhu

Tony is here today to help Druva Prabhu complete the installation of the gas biodigester.  Tony has made a commitment to help small farms become independent from fossil fuel consumption.  Over the next few years, we will expand the use of biodigesters to meet most of our gas needs at the farm.  Just heating water for showers, cooking, and washing dishes places a tremendous burden on the earth's resources.  Please come visit to see how this renewable source of energy can become a practical way to go green.
Madhukari Prabhu and Snana Yatra das met Friday to work out the new membership details.  Membership will come in all shapes and sizes.  Depending on the level of participation you may desire, we will tailor a plan to facilitate your involvement.  The main point is to ask for your help in the form of danations of time, money, resources, and prayers to continue the momentum we are experiencing on the farm.  We need all of you to actualize Prabhupada's vision for Gita Nagari.
Mother Parijata is finalizing a proposal to expand our retreat facilities.  She and Dhruva Prabhu have been working for months with our well wishers to make our dreams of Kirtan halls and guest facilities manifest in The Dhama.  All glories to their efforts to assist Srila Prahupada's mission to make the whole world Krishna Conscious.  Jai Srila Prabhupada!
Everyone is invited to join us this Friday evening at 6pm in the yoga studio for Kirtan.  Please bring your enthusiasm and share in the joyous chanting of The Lord's Holy Names!!!
Have a wonderful Krishna Conscious  week!


 Sky Yoga Bonfire; Birthday Party for Jagannath Prabhu

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