Dr. Sahadeva Dasa has published three books on the subject of cows.

1. Cows Are Cool – Love ‘em!

When you see a cow standing in the pasture blandly chewing some dreary bit of grass and staring into the middle distance you’d never guess what lies beneath that placid exterior … there’s a lot going on behind those big brown eyes …


 2. To Kill Cow means to end human civilization

Today, we are treating other life forms just like inert objects, as if they are devoid of any feelings whatsoever. We are showing unprecedented cruelty and callousness towards the dumb creations of God with whom we share this planet…the unspeakable treatment…will never go unpunished.

3. Made For Each Other

We are finally going to get the bill for the Industrial Age…This is where cows come into the picture. Living cow is living on nature’s income instead of squandering her capital…Therefore the Vedas, the greatest repository of knowledge, crown the bovine species with the loving title “Mother”.


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