Meet our Cows

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The mission of Adopt-a-Cow at Gita Nagari is to protect as many cows as we can from being slaughtered. At the moment are taking care of twenty animals, both cows and oxen.

Most of our cows are older and will live out their lives here at Gita Nagari in a sheltered and safe environment. Our milkers  supply milk, curd, and yogurt, not only to our deities, but also to the members of our community.

The best way to get involved is to adopt a cow. You can choose the cow that you would like to adopt and make a donation (either with Paypal , locate the Donate button in the Cow Protection pull down menu); or by check made payable to Adopt--a-Cow and mail to: Gita Nagari Farm, 534 Gita Nagari Road, Port Royal, PA 17082

Be sure to specify which cow and for how long you would like to take care of her/him.

Adopt a Cow Information

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