Govardhana Puja - Celebrating Govardhana Hill and the Cows

Gita Nagari Farm, Saturday October 25, 2014

Join us in the signature festival of Gita Nagari - a wonderful celebration of triumphant goodness, the bountiful nature of Govardhana Hill and the generosity of Mother Cow.  Spread the word, bring a friend.  

Six hour bhajan  11am-5pm
Go-Puja (at the mandir) 3pm-4pm
Damodarastakam (offering of lamps) 4pm-5pm 
Class with multi-media presentation 5pm-6pm
Maha arati for Sri Sri Radha-Damodara and Sri Giriraja  6pm-7pm
Feast 7pm

Again this year, we welcome the students and staff from Dickinson College.


Please plan on making a sweet item for the hill. Let Kala-Kanthi know what you are bringing. All preparations need to be labelled and left behind the altar latest 5pm. All glories to Guru and Gauranga.

New Outfit: We are also excitedly completing the finishing touches on a new outfit for Sri Sri Radha Damodar for this coming Govardhan Puja Festival, lovingly sewn by Mother Laksmana.  She has sent beautiful gifts of jewelry to match too.

See you all soon!

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