Care for Krishna Program


As we all know, Krishna kindly allows us to offer our care and love, although He is always self-satisfied. In this program the 365 days of the year are on offer for you to contribute laxmi/money toward one or many days on Their service and care.

To care for Them for one day costs $331, which includes costs toward Their

Flowers – garlands, puspanjali; Food Preparations – Offerings – groceries, vegetables, ghee, butter, sweet ingredients, milk; Items offered in the arati – ghee wicks (cotton and ghee), incense; Items to bathe Them – ghee, honey, yoghurt, oils, tilak/chandan, rose water; Outfits – for all of Them; Washcloths – for Their bathing; Detergents – to keep the pujari room super clean.

When you sponsor this 1 day a year, it amounts to 90 cents/day, and the return to you is priceless!


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